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About Us

Tanktot Games is a game company that is strives to support the world wide web with fun and engaging games. Some of our games consist of Warfront Nations which allows you to create your own great nation. Tanktot Games was founded by, Silas Carlson who currently is the only developer.

Our Games

Warfront Nations

Warfront Nations Alpha is a free-to-play nation simluator game that can be played online and with your friends. You can build cities and equip them with the best forms of power generation. You can build the mightiest military that will make your foes trememble, or you can deal you probelms with diplomacy and be the most peacful nation on the planet. Whatever you desire is, you can do it in Warfront Nations Alpha. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your nation. Here you are the one in charge of your nation development.

Current updates on Warfront Nations
02/16/2019 Released the game today!

Today I have released the game after about two weeks in the making. I hope there aren't too many bugs or erros lets just pray that it will go well. Oh well... I hope you enjoy the game as much as I have enojyed programming it. This game takes a lot of time and effort to make. This game is currently in beta due to I am not quite yet satisfied with it yet. If you find any bugs or things you would like in the game pleaes contact me at tanktotgames@gmail.com.

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Game Programmer, Silas Carlson